Two frame formats are available:
- EXR: The raw 16-bit float frames directly from the renderfarm
       These frames are structured in a way that make them easily identifiable
       from the renderfarm point of view. Each scene has at least two folders
       with (typically consecutive) integer IDs, one for each eye.
       To use the frames for 3D they need to be cropped correctly, as their 
       sizes vary greatly. Please see the README.txt in the folder for more info.
- PNG: Cropped 4000x4500 8 bit per plane PNGs
       For convenience the set of cropped and matched frames used to produce
       the official release video files are structured by scene name "XX.YY" and
       contain folders with ready-to-use frame files where each file contains
       both the left and the right eye, left on the top, right on the bottom.
       The folders contain more files than were used to produce the movie, a
       sequence file is available which lists the exact image sequence to use.
       See the README.txt for more info.
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